The start of something new.


          After many years of playing in bands and seeing how some, in the extreme metal scene, were all starting to sound the same I decided it was time for a change. Something had to be different, something that no one has done before with a full band. Every band has a vocalist and depending on what genre the music is in they sound the same as everyone else. No one has the drive to do anything different anymore. White Empress was in a position that we would either jump on the same band wagon of having a vocalist or do something totally different.


          The opportunity that arose couldn't have come at the best time, now was the time to put all the ideas and experimentation into play. I've always been a fan of horror audio books and the idea came to me a while ago about producing an audio book with full metal music and cinematic film. I searched for a voice actor who could play the part and capture all the anguish and pain that the story suggested. We Released Revenant as an introduction to the sound and direction of the band now and it's gone down amazing.






Looking Forward


          For the new album the decision was made to make a full length horror film, 150 minutes long and split into 10 chapters. The film will be a prequel to Revenant and explain how things came about and delve into the lives of the two families in great detail, as well as where the curse came from and how it was brought forth. This time we have some great assets on board who can produce better quality film make up, props, scripts and storyboards.


We're very excited about this new album and film and I'll let you all know what format it will be released in the end of this year.



Embrace the darkness,