"In Rise of the Empress these six world-class players have created something that harnesses the ferocity of extreme metal while adding symphonic elements that wrap around the songs and only enhance the listening experience. Make no mistake, WHITE EMPRESS are here to stay."
RATING: 10/10

Metal Forces Magazine

"Rise Of The Empress is a beast of an album and continues in the tradition of Allender’s work with his old band. White Empress’ sound is thicker and fangs longer than any of its members’ prior works. This is a powerful debut by a band that has the potential to seize the crown."
RATING: 9/10

Metal Chaos

“Rise Of The Empress” is absolutely worth your attention, especially if you have been following Paul Allender’s characteristic riffs."
RATING: 7/10

Planet Mosh

"This really is a superb album.  With Paul Allender coming from Cradle of Filth, a band I’m really not a fan of, I was curious to hear White Empress, but it’s easily exceeded my expectations. If you’re not a fan of Cradle of Filth, don’t let that stop you checking out White Empress – I personally think White Empress are by far the better band and certainly have a much better singer." "An excellent album that's well worth a listen."

Metal Rules

"Rise of the Empress’ is on the heavy side with relentless guitars and is definitely ‘metal’ but there is none of the full out screaming or cheesiness of Mister Filth and co"
RATING: 4.0/5

Female Metal Webzine

"I would say that “Rise of the Empress” is a beautifully chaotic debut. White Empress delivers a full-blown aggressive metal assault is as relentless and fierce as anything that I’ve heard this year."
RATING: 80/100

Metal Underground

“Rise Of The Empress” roars across 10 tracks with a balance of symphonic, epic, thrash, groove, and even a little electronic."
RATING: 4.5/5

Ondes Chocs

“WHITE EMPRESS doesn’t mince words but gloriously dabbles in complex and layered musical ideas. More vicious than others, the troupe steers the ship into troubled waters and attacks the storm head-on! Nicely mixed and produced, the sound is pristine and clear, allowing for the subtle details to be heard without being overbearing in the final mix."

Metal Temple

"The Congregation" is the first true idea you'll have of WHITE EMPRESS between catchy, harmonizing and melodic melodic riffs, drums to match the intensity of the guitars and vocals that'll eat at your brain you have just walked to the point of no return"

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"Rise of the Empress"


"It might have looked like smoke to those who hadn't been there…but it was steam. Steam rising from the still-wet wounds of the fallen, scattered across the fields. It mingled with the collecting dew and filled the air with a rank, pungent aroma. The smell of a new era.

The Warrior stirred, managed to get to his knees, and then, pushing with an iron hand on the dank ground, to his feet. His eyes scanned the scores of dead, searching for his weapon. A smile crept across his face.

Strong, victorious, he strode to the edge of the wood. All along the treeline, first one here, then one there, a new member of the new race emerged. They nodded to each other, knowing this was the dawn they'd waited for. The marriage of man and machine had birthed them into a future where they held within them all the capacities of both.

Against the rising sun, a silhouette loomed, and he knelt at her feet. He turned his face up, and swallowed his knee-jerk revulsion to her monstrous flesh…

Aluminum coils, laced through her skin, held her form together here and there, the sacrifice she had coldly made to achieve majesty. All color had left her except for the dried clots of blood, which clung insistently to the holes left by the stoic stitching, begging her to remember a humanity she had marshaled, a mortality... she'd eschewed. The ink pools of her eyes surveyed her subjects, as one by one they bowed before her. Her glittering irises assessed them, counted them- dismissed them. What she'd done had been for the cause- not them. If they proved loyal, they might live to see the third moon. If not- only the Warrior would be spared.

Wiping the last of the battle sweat from her lips, she took his weapon and knighted him- the first, the last, the best… into the reign of the White Empress."